The aloSIM is a great travel buddy for saving money on international data, now only $21.97

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TL;DR: The aloSIM Mobile Data Traveler Lifetime eSIM is a great way to ensure you have the digital smarts to get around a country that might not be home for you. It comes with $50 in travel data credit for only $21.97 (reg. $50) with no coupon necessary.

Having a robust sense of wanderlust is a wonderful thing. One day, you're dreaming of Fiji; the next minute, you could be there (unless you have kids, you might just have to wait!). But even the biggest travel lovers find themselves a little over their heads traveling to places with no familiar faces or consistent data.

To get international data to stay connected while avoiding roaming charges, the aloSIM eSIM can help. It's on sale for only $21.97 until September 24 and comes with $50 of data credits! Say goodbye to pesky data charges for good.

Using this plan is super easy. Pick up the deal, select one of aloSIM's data packages, and get ready to use your eSIM to join data networks in over 120 countries. If you're already jet-setting and need some assistance, install your lifetime eSIM on a compatible device to roam on local data networks.

Plus, your lifetime eSIM never expires and can be topped up with more data anytime. So, while you may be getting older by the day (you don't look a day over 25, really!), your aloSIM purchase is there when you need it. If you need a bit more padding once you've already buzzed through your current data plan with aloSIM, some data packages cost as little as $4.50.

You can be totally covered with internet connectivity no matter where you are! No wonder one reviewer raved, "Tried this when I was in Kazakhstan, used [it] well. Happy! Will use it soon in Vietnam as well. Recommend."

Just a head's up. While your eSIM never expires, the actual data package is only valid for the length of time stated. That means if you buy a seven-day package and only use a bit, that package will still expire after seven days. So, plan before you travel! We recommend installing aloSIM before traveling, as airport Wi-Fi can be pretty laggy. When it's all said and done, the world is your oyster!

Get the aloSIM Mobile Data Traveler Lifetime eSIM Plan with $50 of data credits for just $21.97 until September 24 at 11:59pm Pacific — no coupon required.

Prices subject to change.