Forget fart sounds—Cecil Dill's masterfully squeezed his hands together to make beautiful music (video)

Below is a performance by Cecil Dill (1900-1989) a farmer who became a master of manualism, the art of making music together by squeezing the air from your hands. (Yes, like the way you make funny fart sounds.) Don't miss his charming story (and captivating speaking style) in the video of how he discovered his unique talent on a cold school bus.

"The years of 1933-1934 saw the height of Cecil's popularity," reported the Grand Traverse Journal. "He played with Ted Weems, as well as bandleader Hal Kemp. He made appearances at other venues in Chicago and in Hollywood nightclubs. His performances were written up in Chicago and Detroit newspapers, as well as Vanity. He palmed his fame all the way to the National Farm and Home radio hour, and a Universal Pictures newsreel, both of which provided Cecil with national exposure."

(via r/ObscureMedia)