Meet the rescued farm goats who are thriving at Sowa Goat Sanctuary

Sowa Goat Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization located in Harvard, Massachusetts that rescues and rehabilitates farm animals that have been subjected to neglect and abuse. Owners Olivia and Jim DiNardo take wonderful care of the goats, and lucky for us, they document their work and share it on social media.

They state on their website that their mission "is to provide lifelong holistic care to abused, neglected, orphaned, and special needs farmed animals." They further explain their approach to caring for the goats they take in:

The sanctuary is a place of healing where animals can quietly process their grief, trauma, and abuse free of any expectations or timelines. We surround them with love, meet all of their needs, and allow them to process their trauma in their own way, in their own time. Watching them find their way back to peace and joy and health is the honor of a lifetime and is what keeps us going through all of the challenges and profound heartbreak we experience in service to these animals. They are forever our north star ✨

Some of the adorable goats in their care include HermesIndy, and Tess, who have each suffered different physical and emotional traumas, and who are all deeply loved, well cared for, and thriving at Sowa.

To learn more about and to donate to the cause or sponsor a specific goat, check out their website.