Good Samaritans become emergency goat milkers

A pair of goat farmers transporting fifty goats from Minnesota to California needed all hands on deck when they found themselves delayed by a fierce winter storm in Utah. A five-hour delay caused by heavy winds meant Jose and Bartolo Garcia missed a scheduled milking time.

If not milked every twelve hours, goats' udders fill up and cause intense discomfort. Not unlike little kids on a long road trip, these nannies desperately needed a pit stop. The Garcias pulled into a Tractor Supply store just before closing and asked store manager Lisa Fernandez for help. She put out the word, and even though the weather was nasty, locals weren't sheepish about volunteering. As the Washington Post reported, 

Within 30 minutes, about 40 people showed up to help on a chilly night, even though the vast majority had never milked a goat before.

Fox New 13 also carried the story of the impromptu milking party

"We brought out little cups for everybody so everyone or anyone who wanted to try some brought out their own jars," said Fernandez.

"It definitely restores your faith in humanity and people and community and it warms your heart," she said.

The grateful farmers, and mightily relieved goats, went on their way, but promised to stop by on their next trip, no ifs, ands, or butts.

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