The Great Dane of powerbanks arrives

Powerbanks are sorta like dogs. They come in so many different shapes and sizes, it's hard to believe they all belong to the same species sometimes.

Like, you've got your tiny ones that can fit into a little pocket in your wallet or purse that, even when fully charged, can only get your dead iPhone to about 25 percent, but that's fine because it's really just there in case you need a little extra juice when your bus gets caught in traffic.

This kind of power bank is like your chihuahua or dachshund.

Then you have your standard powerbanks. They can fully charge a tablet once or a phone three times or some earbuds a whole bunch, making them perfect for when you're flying cross country, don't have time to stop at an outlet near your gate, and find the inflight charging options strangely lacking for 2023.

These are like your medium-to-large-sized dogs. Your labs, boxers, golden retrievers, etc.

But this thing we're selling today? It's like if a Great-Dane-Irish-wolfhound-mix bred with a Saint-Bernard-mastiff-mix and had a puppy that was then abandoned to grow up in the sewers beneath a steroid factory.

It's big, is what we're saying. Big and powerful.

It's got a few USB and USB-C ports, a couple 12V output ports, another 12V output port that's like the one in your car, and two straight-up AC outlets. So it can charge (or power), well, just about anything. Plus, it's easy to tell just how charged it is and just how much power it has left to give thanks to a simple, straightforward readout.

Which makes it the perfect thing to bring on that big camping you've got planned. Or to keep in your trunk in case of emergency. Or to stash in your basement for when there's a major power outage while you're WFH.

Again: it's big and powerful. That's our whole point here. So buy one for $149.99 on Meh.

  • Just about any outlet you need
  • A whole bunch of power in a pinch
  • Perfect for camping or power outages
  • Our comp link above uses CamelCamelCamel to show the price history over time (since it's currently sold by SideDeal)
  • Can it make a margarita: No, but it can probably power a blender when you're hundreds of miles from civilization, so that's pretty cool