Follow Huey the wiener dog as he travels around the world!

I cannot get enough of Huey "the adventure dog," an adorable dachshund who is more well-traveled than most humans on the planet. Here's a fun compilation of Huey's "worldwide walkies," which features Huey walking in the following eleven locations:

📍Isle of Skye, Scotland
📍Mt Baker Wilderness, USA
📍Dubrovnik, Croatia
📍Lillafüred, Hungary
📍Plitvice Lakes, Croatia 
📍Sedona, USA
📍Gougane Barra, Ireland
📍Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland
📍Drežnik, Croatia
📍Edinburgh, Scotland
📍Senja, Norway

Huey's Instagram account is called, hilariously, "I Took My Wiener There," and is full of videos and photos of the well-traveled and incredibly photogenic dog. Follow his adventures, and live vicariously through the tiny pooch, like many of the folks who comment on Huey's posts:

Is it too much to ask to come back as this doggo..?

A well traveled gentleman

It's HIS journey…you're just there to pick up the poopies.

You can also see videos of Huey in Paris, at Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, and in Venice.