Isaacson: Elon Musk brandished vintage gun, demanded Cyberpunk 2077 cameo

On the eve of Cyberpunk 2077's literally game-changing 2.0 update and in the wake of Elon Musk embarrassing himself yet again (although that seems to be a daily occurrence), the two have intersected in a story that's as amusing as it is deeply, deeply pathetic. According to Walter Isaacson's recent Musk biography, Musk was deadset on getting a cameo in the game, an honor extended to the likes of Hideo Kojima and Musk's own ex Grimes.

The story goes that Musk crashed one of Grimes' recording sessions for the game, walking into the CD Projekt Red offices brandishing a flintlock pistol – likely the same one from his infamously lame 'my bedside table' Tweet.

Grimes claims that the workers were "sweating" and Isaacson writes that CDPR eventually "relented", but given that there's no sign of Musk in the game, it's likely they said that to get the (apparently) armed maniac out of their office.