Oscar Mayer stops dicking around with the Wienermobile's name

Why Oscar Mayer, after generations of Wienermobile's traversing the nation, decided to re-brand it as the Frankmobile will remain a mystery. "All Beef" didn't merit throwing away the best part of their marketing. Resounding cries of "this is stupid" won out over whomever in marketing was looking to make a change.


Oscar Mayer announced Wednesday on Instagram that the Frankmobile is toast. The Wienermobile rides again.

The name change announced by The Kraft Heinz Company in May was meant to pay homage to the brand's 100% beef franks and their new recipe.

For fans of the original name, the change was, frankly, ridiculous.

"It's been a franktastic summer!" the Instagram post said. "But like you, we missed this BUNderful icon. Help us welcome back the Wienermobile!"