Save up to $500 on a Duracell Portable Power Station during "Preptember"

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TL;DR: With three power sizes to choose from, you can save up to $500 on a Duracell Portable Power Station, the trusted name in batteries, to keep your life humming.

Because weather — and life in general! — can be so unpredictable, being prepared is not really an option anymore. While stockpiling water and canned food can help keep you alive, it won't power up your life and keep your essential devices charged like a power station would.

Duracell is, after all, the name you think of when you think of batteries. Now, you can get one of its power stations for up to $500 off during what some people call "Preptember," aka prep plus September! It's the perfect time to start preparing for icky winter weather and hurricane season, both of which could leave you without power for days. 

This power provider can be super useful for non-emergency situations, too. Keep your tablets, watches, lights, and phones charged during camping trips, use it to power up some Christmas lights, or keep it handy to create an easier work-from-home setup when you don't have an outlet nearby.

With three sizes to choose from, anyone can find a Duracell Power Station to fit their needs. The Power 300, Power 500, and Power 1000 are all designed for indoor and outdoor use but have different wattage capabilities depending on your usage demands. For instance, the Power 300 offers up to 13 hours of WiFi or laptop power, while the Power 1000 can give you up to a whopping 47 hours of battery life for various devices like a TV, drone, mini cooler, and more! 

The Duracell Power Stations are designed with the user (you!) in mind. Each size has an LCD screen to display the battery level and show you which ports are ready to connect your devices. 

Having one of these dependable power stations is an easy way to ensure your life doesn't miss a beat during a power outage or other emergency. It's also handy for keeping up with your charging needs while away from (or at) home.

One happy reviewer wrote, "The Power 300 provides peace of mind knowing that we've got this for backup when we lose power. It's very well-designed, easy to use, and convenient to store. The light is very bright. The display is easy to read and intuitive."

Stay powered up, no matter where you are, with a Duracell Power Station. Don't miss this deal on a reliable power station from a trusted name in batteries. 

Choose from the following sizes to power up your life:

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