Ken Burns slowly distances himself from Clarence Thomas photo

Famed photographer and documentarian Ken Burns, the third man in a revealing photograph showing Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas shmoozing with right-wing billionaire David Koch at a secret getaway, sought to distance himself from the image.

Around ten years ago, Ken was stopped and asked to take a photograph with a Supreme Court Justice and David Koch, who was a supporter of public television and would later provide some funding for his film, The Vietnam War. So he took the photo, as he has done with many, many others. Other than the taking of that photograph and innocuous pleasantries, that's the extent of his contact with Justice Thomas," a spokesperson for Burns wrote in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

I like how measured and well-focused the statement is, Ken's involvement drifting off to the side so slowly and inexorably that you barely notice your attention returning to Thomas's shenanigans.

For the record, we're at the point where being publicly photographed with a Supreme Court justice means your publicist working on Friday night.