Payday 3 studio head issues formal apology for game's rocky launch

A tale as old as time, a song as old as rhyme. Birds fly, grass grows, and studios offer apologies and retractions after launching games in unplayable states. This time around, it's Tobias Sjögren, CEO of Payday 3 developer Starbreeze Studios. As the followup to smash hit heist simulator Payday 2, which raked in so much money with its dozens of DLC packs that the developers themselves could be considered expert robbers, Payday 3's launch should have been executed without a hitch.

Like in any good heist movie, though, something went wrong: Payday 3's to an online-only model, where you couldn't even launch the game without a connection to Starbreeze servers, was tanked more or less instantly by Starbreeze servers not actually working, meaning that many players couldn't so much as get to the main menu on launch day. It's either poor preparation or a scheme so elegant even the Payday Crew would be jealous.

While there's no word on a fix's ETA quite yet, hopefully it'll be fixed by the time the developer's packed DLC schedule starts to roll out.