Incredible video of orangutan building a hammock

This amazing video was linked to by "Elmer" in the Comments section to my post about pre-Homo sapiens building a wooden structure, noting, "The 'specialness' of Homo sapiens continually becomes less and less meaningful." I thought it deserved a post of its own.

I can't even believe the confident dexterity and thoughtfulness she puts into the process, even adjusting the hammock after the first attempt wasn't long enough. I don't know if a human could do any better.

It makes you wonder: If she can do that… what's she doing in a zoo?

I also found it interesting that even after she successfully reclines in the hammock, she always keeps one hand or foot holding onto the cage bars. Orangutans live in rainforest canopies hundreds of feet above the ground, where one slip can mean instant death, and so always have a backup grip.