Star Wars owner Disney displeased by "Star Wash" car wash

Lucasfilm, part of Disney, is upset with a car wash in Chile named Star Wash. If it seems a bit ridiculous to go after such a commonplace constellation of commonplace words, maybe the venue's decor and staff outfits have something to do with it.

On a regular day at Star Wash, a car wash company on the outskirts of Chilean capital Santiago, patrons can see Chewbacca or a stormtrooper wiping down hoods or Darth Vader appearing to use The Force to summon cleaning cloths. …But the law firm representing the car wash said while owner Matias Jara was in the process of registering his brand with Chilean patent authority INAPI, he received a lawsuit from the franchise's creator, Lucasfilm. Mr Jara's lawyers said Lucasfilm wanted to block the registration of the name and argued the brand could be confused as being affiliated with it.

The headline and some quotes say Disney is suing the company, but the text of the article only describes an opposition to a trademark it filed. It's clear from photos that it's just Star Wars stuff, down to merch, the logo, the characters and such, but for one consonant. Like the best Star Wars spinoffs of late, heroes are hard to find.

On the other hand, I would very much like to use a car wash where the huge whirling brushes were Chewbaccas, braying angrily as they spin.