Gentleman leads police in golf cart chase for 12 miles across Los Angeles (video)

Of all the cars in Los Angeles, a gentleman with a dog decided to steal a golf cart, reportedly pulling a knife on its owner to get it. He then proceeded to lead police on a 12-mile, slow-speed chase from the valley's Tarzana to Valley Glen, avoiding several spike strips along the way, according to CBS' John Schreiber.

Caught on video, the chap could be seen driving his getaway cart shirtless and barefoot with the dog in his lap as police follow him in the last few minutes of his half-hour (at least) joyride. He then manages to get stuck in a 7-Eleven parking lot and, while clutching the pooch, tries to make a run for it. But at least a dozen police immediately tackle him as the dog tumbles out of his arms. (See video below, posted by John Schreiber.)

As for the poor pup, it looks confused as to what's going on, even trying to make friends with some of the busy officers. Finally one cop kneels down, and the next scene shows the dog on a leash, hopefully off to a better place.