That's not a moon… that's a dumpling!

Above are two views of Pan, Saturn's innermost known moon. It orbits Saturn within one of the planet's rings at an altitude of 83,000 miles above the surface. The image was captured by the space probe Cassini. From NASA:

The ridge around Pan's equator is similar to Saturn's moon Atlas, and gives the moon its distinctive dumpling shape.⁣

Pan was discovered by M.R Showalter in 1990 using images taken by the Voyager 2 spacecraft nine years earlier […]

The two images are taken from different perspectives: the image on the left appears to be taken from above the moon, while the image on the right seems to be taken from below it. The moon has a flat ridge around its midpoint, and lines that look like they were scraped across its surface.⁣

(via NASA/Instagram)