MAGA congresswoman furious that Border Patrol seized fentanyl

This morning, New York MAGA Representative, Elise Stefanik, issued a tweet expressing her displeasure at the U.S. Border Patrol's seizure of a massive shipment of fentanyl.

You would think the Trump loving congresswoman would be pleased with the CBP's new operations, which have proven successful in disrupting fentanyl supply chains. Dubbed Operations Artemis and Rolling Wave, these operations "build on the success of Operations Blue Lotus and Four Horsemen, which seized nearly 10,000 pounds of fentanyl in a two-month period," reports CBP.

But no. Stefanik, who by all accounts used to be a relatively normal person before becoming a victim of the MAGA cult, thinks that CBP's effectiveness at interdicting deadly drug shipments before they reach the border is a sign of failure. She also forgot to mention that 89% of the fentanyl seized this fiscal year at the southern border was discovered on vehicles at ports of entry.

Stefanik has been spouting the same bizarro logic for some time now. In 2021, she tweeted, "Over 800 pounds of fentanyl were seized at our Southern Border in October. This is Biden's Border Crisis." A sane person would think that it would be a crisis if it wasn't seized.