Midwestern avant-garde is alive and kicking thanks to Platonic Boyfriends

Have you heard? Romance is alive! And changing! Have you heard "Romance is Alive and Changing?" It's the newest album from the Cheboygan, Michigan ne'er-do-wells, Platonic Boyfriends.

Just what are they up to over there? From what I've heard, they're keeping the Midwestern avant-garde alive and well. Imagine the musings of Slint and the sentiments of Pere Ubu, processed by a blender and Ethan James, wrapped in a carpet, marinated in its own juices, and rolled down the stairs. Too many references?

Sorry. Ignore me, give these meaty bass lines a listen and become embroiled in a celibate tryst with one of your Platonic Boyfriends instead.
Oliver Glenn Records will be releasing their tape shortly and you can hear the entirety of Romance here on Bandcamp.

Their upcoming shows are here and here:
9/28 – House show in Traverse City, MI
9/29 – Cat House in Detroit, MI

Find out just where these house venues are and what they're up to in real time to over here on Instagram @platonicboyfriendz

And send me, Natalie, your contributions to the avant-garde thusly please – natalieisdressed@gmail.com