Target opening 9 new stores in New York City and dozens nationwide

Big-box retailer Target recently announced it was expanding in New York City and elsewhere, with nine new stores to open in the Big Apple and dozens more across the U.S.

The company noted plans to open about 20 new stores this year, but looking farther out, the "Upcoming Store Openings" portion of Target's website lists more than 40 future locations, with nine in New York state.

Of those, six are in New York City.

On the website's list are:

-Bronx, Bruckner Commons. Located at 1998 Bruckner Blvd; Approx. 139,000 sq. ft.
-Brooklyn, Kings Plaza. Located at 5100 Kings Plaza, Suite 2201; Approx. 90,160 sq. ft.
-Jamestown. Located at 975 Fairmount Ave.; Approx. 117,000 sq. ft.
-Lake Success. Located at 1400 Union Turnpike; Approx. 115,000 sq. ft.
-Manhattan, Chelsea. Located at the northeast corner of 23rd Street and 8th Avenue; Approx. 28,000 sq. ft.
-Manhattan, Harlem. Located at 121 W. 125th St., just west of 125th St. and Malcolm X Blvd.; Approx. 44,000 sq. ft.
-Manhattan, Union Square. Located at 10 Union Square East, on the NE Corner of 14th Street; Approx. 33,000 sq. ft.
-Queens, Astoria. Located on 31st St. between Ditmars Blvd. and 23rd Ave; Approx. 47,000 sq. ft.

Yes, yes, I know, "Target blames "organized retail crime" for closure of nine stores in major cities".

There was a certain lack of skepticism in reportage of that among mainstream media, wasn't there? Just weeks ago the line was that stores were closing because they "suffered from low foot traffic." Makes you wonder if it's really about the crime at all, what with all the blatantly bad locations, astronomical leases and haphazard management going on.