Phony Vivek Ramaswamy steals line after line from Barack Obama (video)

Not since Melania Trump stole Michelle Obama's speech has anyone plagiarized an Obama the way GOP candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has.

From his "What is a skinny guy with an odd last name doing up here?" remark at the first Republican debate this year to his recent, "I believe deep in my bones … E pluribus unum…" swipe, it seems Ramaswamy can't go anywhere without mimicking, almost verbatim, lines from former President Barack Obama.

For example, as seen in a new ad that was released by a super PAC trying to revive DeSantis' failed campaign (see full video below, posted by Mike Sington):

Obama: "This has never been a Democratic or Republican idea."
Ramaswamy: "These are not Democrat ideas or Republican ideas."

Obama: "This is an American idea."
Ramaswamy: "These are fundamentally American ideals."

Obama: "Imagine they were driving a car, and they drove it into the ditch, you can't have the keys back!"
Ramaswamy: "If someone has repeatedly crashed your car, you wanna turn over the keys to the same people who crashed it?"

Obama: "We are one people!"
Ramaswamy: "I have a dream, that we can be one people again."

Like a deceptive middle-schooler using AI to do all his homework, the insincere GOP candidate fits in perfectly with the MAGA party.

Front page thumbnail image: Never Back Down PAC