Viral MAGA image suggests withering of human sentience, impossibility of negotiation

So mad that that it cannot be approached except with skepticism, a viral image spreads on the right, attracting sentimentality and spiteful support. It can't be real. They can't be real. But it is and they are. The people commenting on it, that is. Not the inhabitants of the AI-generated American family. They're not real.

You immediately look under the places it shows up. As hurried as you may be, you apply some rigor to determining whether the respondents are bots or humans, or somewhere on the troll/chucklefuck/livewire delta of MAGA that might define the exact payload of this semiotic pork bomb.

Look at the supernumerary hands and legs of the absorbed child. They rest gently upon her husband's shoulder.

Look at his happy tangle of fingers. Behold the many-legged and eyeless cousins.

That it's old AI—contemporary image generators would do much better than this—is the best argument that the virality of this image isn't natural or authentic. But also consider the Law of Foreign Princes: spam being comically fraudulent makes it paradoxically more effective because vulnerable and desperate targets select themselves. It's indisputable that Facebook is overwhelmed with AI images being cooed over by humans.

My favorite part is the U.S. flag's canton. The AI knows! In Gilead there are no states but the state of God and His firmament.