This rower machine will pump you up for $223.99

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TL;DR: You can snag the Stamina X Magnetic Rower for only $223.99 and work out indoors the most effective way.

We've got the winter blues already, and Mother Nature hasn't even thrown a curveball. Sure, staying comfy and cozy inside is nice, but we are outdoor workout folk, so we're going to get antsy. If you're also a fitness junkie but need an indoor option this holiday season, the Stamina X Magnetic Rower is a fantastic option. It's on sale for $223.99 (reg. $449). 

Not just your mom's typical rower, the Stamina X gives your whole body a reason to move. It has eight levels of quiet magnetic resistance so you can ease yourself up to a heavy workout piece by piece. It's a great way to get the whole family involved in blowing off some steam but we won't tell if your resistance is less than your kids).

Comfort is a total must when contorting your body. The padded, molded seat is clutch to alleviate pain in the tuchus.  For those of you who are accident prone (we are guilty) the foot straps to help hold you in place and the rowing handles have a layer of foam so that your sweat is the only thing falling off the rower.

When you're all set with your workout just slide the rower under the bed or roll it into a tiny corner. It works in any closet (or you can just leave it out as a power move when guests come over).

Sure, you can check your progress with the built-in workout monitor, but some people need a bit more to keep them on target. If you need some accountability or a way to watch your progress, the ​​müüv app on your iOS or Android device will give you a little push. And, because you get free access, you can use it with virtually any workout equipment or just your feet for a good run.

Get the Stamina X Magnetic Rower while it's on sale for $223.99 (reg. $449). 

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