Drew Carey, hero of the WGA writers strike, continues to be awesome

Way back in May, at the start of the writers strike, comedian and host Drew Carey offered free meals at the Bob's Big Boy in Burbank, California, or Swingers Diner in Hollywood, for the duration of the strike.

Now that the strike is over, Carey concluded his meal giveaway in a typically classy way: Accepting thanks, but also thanking the writers who helped him get wealthy enough to make that offer. Link to the article in Deadline.com here.

"I deeply appreciate all the love and thanks. It (was worth) every dime. But if you really want to thank someone for those meals, thank Bruce Helford and all the Drew Carey Show writers.
They helped make me rich enough to afford it. No writers, no $. Simple as that."

Bruce Helford was the co-creator of Carey's 1995-2004 sitcom, The Drew Carey Show. Of course, Carey has made even more riches hosting The Price Is Right for the past sixteen years.


The emcee of The Price Is Right didn't previously comment in the media about his decision to cover the tabs at the two restaurants since the May strike began. Thus, no one knows the cost, but estimates of $10,000 per week have been bandied in the media.

With the strike lasting almost 21 weeks, that would come to about $210,000 that Carey donated to the writers' cause and appetites.