These shearing videos are incredibly satisfying to watch

Shearing videos are so very satisfying, and those shared by Right Choice Shearing are some of the best. Right Choice Shearing is owned and operated by Katie and Darian McRose, who introduce themselves and their company on their website:

Katie and Darian here! We are a married, traveling shearing team servicing several states across the Midwest. Our focus is to spread compassion and education through and about our misunderstood industry. Help us crush misconceptions and celebrate the beauty in the relationship between humans and the animals that evolved with us. Wool doesn't have to be cruel. #ShearingIsCaring

Katie and Darian shear sheep, llamas, and alpacas. They were also recently nominated for LGBTQ Nation's 2023 Social Media Hero award, which recognizes folks who are using their social media accounts for good. LGBTQ Nation describes why Katie and Darian were nominated:

Cutest couple Katie and Darian McRose set sheep and other beasts free of their matted coats, earning a loyal following and hundreds of millions of views on TikTok and YouTube. Watching that fiber "roll off into a blanket is incredibly satisfying," says sheep shearer Katie, just like good social media should be.

According to LGBTQ Nation, the winners will be announced soon—I'm rooting for y'all, Katie and Darian! For more information and more videos of their work check out their TikTokInstagramFacebook, or website.


This owner did what they could with what they had. This gal feels a whole lot lighter dropping those 9lbs.

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