When Bob Dylan made concert promoters quit the "Folk Poet of Our Times" hype

In a fascinating post on BlueSky, @DagB tells a story about the mid-1960s Bob Dylan in two images.

One is "1964 concert ads," showing various ads for Bob Dylan shows touting him as "THE FOLK POET OF OUR TIMES," "CROWN PRINCE OF FOLK MUSIC," "THE LEGENDARY FOLK SINGER," etc.

screengrab: @dagb.bsky.social

And the other is "1965 rider," showing a rider that was apparently added to Dylan's concert contracts, stating, "In all advertisements and promotions related to the performance for which this contract is made, it is hereby specifically requested that the artist's billing read simply 'Bob Dylan' with no other phrases, adjectives or quotations such as 'Poet of the Times,' 'Author of…,' 'The Remarkable…' etc."

screengrab: @dagb.bsky.social

Writer Daniel Radosh notes: "The moment Bob Dylan got industry clout he used it to stop promoters from calling him 'the folk poet of our times' and other bullshit"