Adding keyclicks to my Apple laptop increased my happiness

I never would have thought that keyclicks were missing from my life. A friend sent me a link to Klack, a keyclick app for MacOS, a few days back, and I immediately thought, hell yeah, I want that without knowing why. When I saw the $4 price tag I paused, but for some reason, I just went for it.

I was instantly a little gleeful when I started typing, and a long-forgotten form of "you are being productive" signaling returned to my brain. Keyclicks are some weird verification for my brain that I am getting something done. After a few minutes with Klack on its default set-up I was struck that the spacebar sounded strange, and so I tried the other switch sets. Cream is the one I found most satisfying. There are currently only three options.

Klack for MacOS

Image: Screenshot