Mastodon available for Apple II

Mastodon, the open-source, federated alternative to Twitter, is now available for the Apple II thanks to incredible work by Colin Leroy-Mira. All the good features are included, such as "unfollow" and "block", and none of the bad features such as "account creation" and "polls."

If you're interested in retro computing, you may be happy to read that I've made a binary release of my Mastodon client for the Apple 2. It has been mostly tested on an Apple //c, and works on ][+, IIe, //c, //c+, IIe enhanced, IIe Platinum and IIgs according to emulator testing.

Leroy-Mira highlights amusing commentary such as "I will never use this and yet I love that it exists," but I'm straight-up interested in Mastodon now there's a desktop option that doesn't mean using a hinky website with broken unicode-box icons everywhere.