MAGA snake eating its tail: GOP reps in trouble regardless of how they voted on the Speaker debacle

MAGA Republicans are in trouble regardless of where they stood on tossing Speaker McCarthy. The chaos just wasn't chaotic enough!

Florida's Gaetz was being blasted from all sides for his move to yank the rug out from under former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, but his colleagues are suffering whether or not they supported his move. South Carolina's Nancy Mace, who stood for removal, is complaining of "the establishment" attacking her:

In an interview with podcaster Steve Bannon on Wednesday, Mace defended voting to remove McCarthy despite representing a moderate district.

"I certainly am not going to make everybody happy, especially those that are part of the establishment," Mace conceded. "The establishment is coming after me. I mean, 100% started last night, and I need help."

Colorado's vaping princess, Lauren Boebert, is accused of betraying her base for voting against McCarthy's removal. Remember that on the spectrum, McCarthy is a MAGA stalwart, and his kowtowing to Trump is a stated part of why the Democrats refused to aid him. This is from Raw Story:

"The people of Colorado will not forget this," said @SpaceCrypto, a verified account saying that says its administrator likes MAGA, bitcoin and weed.

"Boebert: 'I too am frustrated by the broken promises, secret deals, and failed leadership.' Also Boebert: 'I support the person selling us out,'" said another verified account, @BachelorJoker, whose owner claims to live in Arkansas.

"Too late. You blew it. It's going to be very difficult for you to recover from this. You betrayed your base," raged X user Mark Watson who then began promoting Trump for speaker.