Vape charger fire destroys bedroom

A photo released by Essex County Fire and Rescue shows the aftermath of a fire in England caused by a vape left on its charger. The investigation's not concluded, but the advice—"ensure [devices] conform to British Standards and are from a recommended manufacturer" suggests that it's not a great idea to buy unbranded stuff off Chelmsford Market. Go in Curry's! Pay a few quid more! Rooty tooty point and shooty.

Firefighters were called to Shardelow Avenue, Chelmsford, Essex, at 09:42 BST on Thursday, when residents returned to see smoke billowing out of upstairs windows.

When crews arrived at the house a bedroom on the third floor was on fire, said Essex County Fire and Rescue.

Firefighters using breathing apparatus extinguished the flames.

"The fire was caused by a vape left on charge", the service said.

Lithium fires caused by dodgy chargers and gadgets are no joke.

A dive boat fire that killed 34 people off the coast of California was probably caused by phones left charging overnight, according to investigators. … Investigators say that while they cannot definitively give a cause for the fire they believe that the "propensity of lithium ion batteries to overheat" sparked the 2019 blaze. Investigators say that most of the 33 passengers in the bunk room were awake and tried unsuccessfully to escape the fire through an awkward emergency hatch.