Heinz launches pink Barbiecue sauce for Barbie's 65th

Heinz UK has teamed up with Mattel for something pretty wild to celebrate Barbie's 65th anniversary: they've come out with a limited-edition pink vegan mayo mixed with BBQ sauce, cheekily named Heinz Barbiecue Sauce. They've colored it naturally with beetroot to achieve that signature Barbie shade of pink and call it the "perfect pink pairing for burgers and brings extra smokiness to everything from chips to pizzas."

Personally, this pink condiment concoction is a big "nope" for me—but luckily, it's not hitting shelves in the States. Yep, this culinary monstrosity is exclusive to the UK and Spain, so only our friends across the pond (and a bit to the right) can buy it. [via Neatorama]

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