Lenovo: 80% of our devices customer-repairable by 2025

PC giant Lenovo claims that most of its devices will be repairable by 2025, including making parts available to customers. Luca Rossi, senior vice resident at Lenovo and president of its Intelligent Devices Group, announced the plan on stage at a trade show yesterday.

"On repairability, we have a plan that by 2025 more than 80 percent of the repair parts will be repaired again so that they they enter into the circular economy to reduce the impact to the environment."

He added: "More than 80 percent of our devices will be able to be repaired at the customer, by the customer or by the channel and we are enabling this with a design for serviceability kind of approach."

This means that "batteries, SSD, many things, will not any longer be sealed into the product but will be available for the customer to be to repaired on site and then save a lot of waste."

Lenovo has a good reputation for repairable and customizable devices—its ThinkPad line, inherited from IBM, has a strong parts aftermarket—but the right-to-repair movement and the emergence of competitive modular laptops has it eager to please.