Jimmy Levy, of "Boycott Target" infamy, is back with some more shitty MAGA "music" for your listening (dis)pleasure

Feast your eyes and ears on this spectacle of "patriotism" recently released by rapper/gospel singer Jimmy Levy—who rose to fame in MAGA circles earlier this year for his anti-LGBTQ song "Boycott Target." The new song—which Levy says features "the most influential and controversial voices of our generation" and has been dubbed "the MAGA We Are The World"—is called "Freedom" and features excessive amounts of autotune, along with riveting lyrics such as:

You can take all our money, but you can't have our souls

You can burn down our buildings, and we'll still find a home

And we'll all stick together, and we'll never surrender

We won't give up our freedom

From the shores of California, all the way down to the Keys

Only He will bring us closer, when we fall to our knees

The video, which features music by The Pushers, opens with this text:

Amidst a firmament consumed by the oppressive grip of government overreach and tyrannical control, a man by the name of Jimmy Levy emerged, poised to make a difference. Fuelled by the holy spirit, he set out to bring together a group of gifted individuals. United by a common thread, they poured their souls into recording the timeless and evocative hymn of FREEDOM.

Who are these gifted individuals, you ask? It's basically a dubious Who's Who of MAGA "stars." Near the end of the video, some of them are credited:

Trump Latinos: "Billboard Charting Duo"

Marcus Rodgers: "Pastor"

Mesus: "Billboard Charting Rapper"

Jessica Sutta: "Former Pussycat Doll"

Angela Stanton King: "Reality Show Star, Pro Life Advocate"

Forgiato Blow: "#1 Billboard Charting Rapper"

General Michael Flynn: "18th Director of Defense Intelligence Agency, 24th US National Security Advisor"

BigNik: "Christian Content Creator"

Liz Crokin: "Investigative Journalist Known for iconic Out of the shadows documentary

Siggy Flicker: "Author, Real Housewives of New Jersey"

Zoe Levy: "Singer/Songwriter Former American Idol Star"

James McCoy Taylor: "The Bachelorette"

King Bau: "Professional Fighter"

Bobby "Take Naps" Sauce: "Comedian, Political Commentator"

Conservative Ant: "Comedian Political Commentator"

Stella Escobedo: "News Anchor at OAN"

Grant Stinchfield: "Host at Real America Voice"

Michelle Lubin Terris: "Creator of Jexit Foundation, Political Activist, Prayer Warrior, inspiration for this song and video"

Jill Dahne: "Reality TV Star, Matchmaker, Investigator, Author"

Jimmy Levy: "Director"

Earlier this summer, Fox News published an article about Jimmy Levy, titled, "Gospel singer Jimmy Levy's journey from the occult to faith: 'I realized that Satan was real'". Fox explains that Levy had his "big break" on American Idol in 2020, but then "went down a dark path before turning his life to Christ." Fox News further describes Levy's journey:

Levy revealed he turned his life to Christ, started reading the Bible and got baptized on July 4, 2021.

The singer said he started questioning his political beliefs afterward, as well. He explained how he wrote an anti-gun control song for the Parkland shooting victims in the past and expressed sympathy for Black Lives Matter. After his faith conversion, he started to feel like he had been misled on these issues.

"I was just an artist, so – now I see from my perspective how all of these artists in the industry – they know not what they do, you know, and God forgives them for that. But like there's some point where God gives you the eyes to see and you have a chance to turn from the past of the agendas that you're promoting… if you're given the eyes to see it, you have to deny that money. You have to deny that world. You have to deny the fame, everything, and just do what's right for God, for freedom, for America," he said.

Levy spent the past few years writing anthems like "This is War" and "Welcome to the Revolution" used in anti-mandate rallies during the COVID-19 pandemic before performing on an anti-Target song and an anti-Pride song this summer that rose to the top of the iTunes and Billboard charts.