RFK Jr. panics on stage when he can't find his speech at rally (video)

Clown candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. launched his fresh start as an Independent yesterday as a laughingstock who lost his speech and then seemed oblivious to his hot mic as he fretted about looking for it.

"I need my speech," he shouted to someone off stage after frantically patting his chest, looking for his script.

He then disappeared from the camera, but his voice could be heard on the empty stage nervously complaining, "You can't read anything. You can't read anything!" The vaudevillian performer then bounced back on stage, only to immediately bounce off again. "It's upside down. It's upside down." (See video below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)

For the grand finale, Kennedy shyly reappears, venturing only as far as the side of the stage, before the camera cuts off. Like an amusing scene straight out of Curb Your Enthusiasm, the audience laughed heartily at the gag. The only thing missing was wife and fellow Curb actor, Cheryl Hines.

Front page thumbnail image: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.; Juli Hansen / shutterstock.com