A "Frasier" episode animated in every style imaginable

A collaborative animation project headed by Jacob Reed, "Our Frasier Remake" has enlisted over 130 animators to remake one Frasier episode, with each contributor imaginatively animating 6-12 seconds of the show's Season One finale, "My Coffee with Niles."

It's a wild, head-spinning ride, with a dizzying array of animation styles applied to what is essentially a bottle episode taking place in real time in one place, the coffee shop set. Frasier, Niles, and other characters leap to horror, science fiction, impressionist painting, Lego, puppets, and every other style from realistic to surrealistic, as they faithfully speak the lines of the original episode.

A voice cast is remarkable in recreating the actors' voices: James Adomian as Niles, Eric Bauza as Frasier, Lauren Lapkus as Roz, Daniel Van Kirk as Martin, Haley Hepworth as Daphne, and others.