GOP gears up to expel George Santos: "He cannot serve"

A day after Congressliar George Santos (R–NY) racked up another 10 criminal charges to complement his 13 previous charges, House Republicans in New York are introducing a resolution to oust the fraudster from Congress.

"Today, I'll be introducing an expulsion resolution to rid the People's House of fraudster George Santos," said Rep. Anthony D'Esposito, R-N.Y. today on X, adding that his resolution will be co-sponsored by his Republican colleagues Nick LaLota, Mike Lawler, Marc Molinaro, Nick Langworthy and Brandon Williams. (See tweet below.)

Rep. Lawler then chimed in, saying on CNN, "With the guilty plea of his treasurer admitting to the very scheme he has been now twice indicted on with 23 felony counts, he cannot serve."

"The time to act is now," Lawler continued. "It's clear with his treasurer's guilty plea what occurred. And as far as I'm concerned, he should not be a member of Congress." (See video below, posted by Republican Accountablity.)

From NBC News:

Booting Santos would require a two-thirds vote of the entire House, a benchmark LaLota seemed confident of meeting. "I predict this resolution is going to catch fire. Many people feel how we do," he said. …

Santos's New York GOP colleagues had previously called for him to step down in light of the criminal charges and revelations that he'd fabricated large parts of his resume.

"I said he should resign and he should still resign," Molinaro said in a post on X Tuesday after the additional charges were announced.

House Democrats moved to expel Santos in May after he was initially charged, but Republicans voted to refer their motion to the House Ethics Committee, which has been investigating Santos since March.

D'Esposito suggested he and his colleagues have waited long enough. "I know that Ethics has been a little busy, but, you know, it's time that we see some results," he said.