Facing racketeering charges, Trump-worshipping pastor turns to "MAGA Honey" sales

As the racketeering case against Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants proceeds in Georgia, some of those indicted are struggling with mounting legal costs. A recent New York Times article highlights how Pastor Steven C. Lee, charged with pressuring a Georgia election worker to falsely confess to election fraud, hopes to pay his lawyers through online sales of "MAGA Honey."

From Christianity Today:

Lee's indictment stems from his visits to the home of a Georgia election worker whom Trump falsely accused of pulling out "suitcases full of ballots" to interfere with the vote. He has been charged with violating Georgia's RICO act as well as conspiracy to solicit false statements and writings, criminal attempt to influence witnesses, and influencing witnesses.

In the aftermath of the contentious presidential election in 2020, Lee went to Ruby Freeman's house twice, and she called the police. Reuters reported that he told the officers, "I'm a pastor, and I'm also working with some folks who are trying to help Ruby out. And also get to some truth of what's going on." He had driven to Georgia from Illinois.

According to the Times, "the Illinois Family Institute is promoting the plan to raise money for Mr. Lee with the sale of the honey bottles, which are similar to the popular "honey bear" design, only with a likeness of Mr. Trump's head near the spout." A 16-ounce bottle of "Ultra MAGA, Pure Raw Honey" sells for $20.

From The Illinois Family Institute:

You may like or dislike the bottle design, but it's filled with healthy, pure, raw honey and we hope the uniqueness of the packaging will generate awareness, prayers, and donations for Chaplain Lee, who time and time again, has put himself at risk of great physical, emotional and spiritual harm, in order to bring the love of God to victims and first responders at events like Ground Zero, Columbine, Hurricane Katrina, Mandalay Bay and tragic sites around the world.

Those wanting to support Chaplain Lee can get the honey in its unique bottle by going to MakeHoneyGreatAgain.com and using the promo code "Chaplain." A large amount of the proceeds are generously being donated to the Legal Defense Fund set up by Illinois Family Institute to help Chaplain Lee.

I wonder if Trump knows that his likeness is being used to sell a product? It seems like he would insist on profiting from the sale of these bottles of honey.