Watch GOP lawmaker Dan Crenshaw try to trip a far-right reporter (video)

As the divided GOP continues to eat their own, a group of far-right journalists, including National File publisher Noel Frisch, taunted Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R–TX) outside the Capitol building. And after stalking him for a couple of minutes, calling him a "warmonger" and "McCain 2.0," the former Navy seal officer fought back — literally — by trying to trip Frisch. At least that's what Frisch accused him of, and in a truncated video posted by Don Lewis (see below), it certainly does look like that was the plan.

Because this is what the party of bullies is about. Violent rhetoric, violent threats, violent behavior, gun violence, and violence in general.

Lewis reminds us in his post of the time last year when another antagonistic House Republican, Marjorie Taylor Greene, kicked an activist who she didn't like (see bottom video, posted by Now This News). Welcome to the GOP.

(You can see the full Crenshaw-Frisch video here at Newsweek.)