Republican lawmakers vent about their own inept GOP colleagues: "A bunch of idiots" (video)

As the dysfunctional House Republicans wait for today's 10am meeting to find out who won't be filling the empty Speaker seat again, Rep. Austin Scott (R–GA) calls his colleagues "a bunch of idiots" while Rep. Don Bacon (R–NE) accuses his colleagues of actually wanting to be the losers that they are. (See video below, posted by Manu Raju.)

"These guys want to be in the minority," Bacon told CNN's Manu Raju. "I think they prefer that, because they can just vote 'no' and yell and scream all the time. But governing, you got to work together."

Scott, on the other hand, blamed the party's circus act not on their desire to "yell and scream," exactly, but to get more air time as performance politicians. He told Raju that although some of his colleagues are genuinely trying to move forward in selecting a speaker, "there are people in there, as you know, that like to go on the TV and are not necessarily negotiating for anything other than TV time."

And when asked how that makes his party looks, he did not mince words. "Makes us look like a bunch of idiots."

Front page thumbnail image: CNN