Yamaha's self-balancing Motoroid 2 bike looks like an AI hallucination

Yamaha's Motoroid 2 is a concept bike that balances itself — the follow-up to an earlier, less-bizarre prototype presented in 2017. "It's unclear how exactly you'd be supposed to control this thing," writes Loz Blain at New Atlas. Have faith in the machine!

The company says the Motoroid 2 has "a distinctly lifelike feel when somebody is riding on its back," and "a presence more like a lifetime companion" despite the new lack of hip-gripping.

Where does it all lead? Certainly not toward a production bike. But Yamaha has built a working, self-balancing version of this bonkers AI moto concept, and seen fit to spend some more time in the intervening years tarting it up into a second-gen concept, which is something you don't see all that often.

Man, it even has computer-controlled anti-lock brakes!