This ChatGPT WordPress plugin is deeply discounted to under $40 during Deal Days!

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TL;DR: If you need help getting creative, this ChatGPT WordPress Plugin can do the trick. During Deal Days, it's on sale for only $39.97 through October 15th!

Between that creepy robot that follows you around in the grocery store (you know the guy) and the little monster in your phone that listens to your ad preferences (darn it!), AI has officially taken over. Just let it happen since it makes things so much darn easier!

OpenAI has released the API for ChatGPT, which is a fancy way of saying that ChatGPT can help you with any online shop, personal website, or any other WordPress site. Lifetime access to the program is now only $39.97 (reg. $299) during our version of Prime Day, Deal Days!

Perfect for creating front-end content and back-end admin stuff, this plugin lets you have peace of mind when putting your creations on the web. And because it's a lifetime license (though you need an OpenAI account!), you can keep the juices flowing until you and ChatGPT are ready to throw in the towel!

Because the program is ultra-human sounding, this is less of a robot you might find on The Jetsons and more like the kind you'd see chasing Will Smith around in 2004 (niche movie reference, we know). If you choose to add a chatbot to your site with this plugin, your visitors can get instant, accurate, and natural language responses to their inquiries!

While ChatGPT is a robot and not a human (surprisingly!), items like blog posts, landing pages, video descriptions, SEO metadata, and other projects can take less time than you once thought they had to. Just make sure you're looking over the work. Remember, you're the supervisor, not the employee in this AI/human relationship (assert that dominance quickly, since robots will probs take over!).

Confused about the creative process? This ChatGPT plugin includes an ask section, which can help with your questions if you get stuck. That's better than waiting 2-3 days for your boss to return "from her working lunch."

See why this product got a full five stars in our store. 

Boost your WordPress site with AI power with this lifetime license for the ChatGPT WordPress Plugin, now just $39.97, the best price online. No coupon is required, but this Deal Days discount ends October 15th at 11:59pm Pacific!

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