I'm a big fan of this umbrella with a window from 1935

I'm a big fan of this umbrella with a window from 1935. I have no clue why this isn't a more common thing, because it makes perfect sense to have a little plastic window to peep out of when holding your umbrella close to your head. Who wants to hold their umbrella high in the air where the wind can still blow the rain right onto your face? 

The added bonus of this little umbrella window is that it's super cute and funny looking. I love the idea of everyone peeping at each other through their umbrella windows while walking down the street. 

From Got Weird on Instagram:

"The old umbrella, for ages untouched by the forward moving wheels of progress, has responded to the spirit of the times with the addition of a new front window to afford better vision in 1935.

Hitherto, the umbrella user either had to carry his umbrella so high that it was of no practical use, or he pulled it down and took reckless chances of collision with oncoming pedestrians. The new isinglass window eliminates these hazards, and affords a chance for people to use their umbrellas to shed the rain without fear of poking out the eyes of a fellow citizen."