Biden trolls Trump with his new Truth Social account, mocking his rival in every post

President Joe Biden is trolling Donald Trump as a new member of Truth Social, which he joined yesterday. "Well. Let's see how this goes. Converts Welcome!" said the first post. (See below.)

Although the Biden campaign has said they launched the @bidenHQ account to meet potential "edge voters" where they were, they also admitted the amusing move was "mostly because we thought it would be very funny," according to The New York Times. "There's very little 'truth' happening on Truth Social, but at least now it'll be a little fun."  

As of now, the Biden campaign has posted at least 18 "truths," which mostly either quote Republicans who are mocking or criticizing Trump, or highlight Republicans praising Biden.

For example, "Nikki Haley on Trump calling Hezbollah 'smart': You don't congratulate or give any credit to murderers. Period. You don't," said a post earlier today.

"Fox host and former Trump official: I give Biden credit. Yes, I give Biden credit," said another.

And from yesterday: "Tapper to Matt Gaetz: You're talking about the national debt, what did Trump add? 7 trillion, 8 trillion?"

"Fox host on President Biden's speech: I will say that I thought it was a strong… a strong speech," said another.

And they made sure to co-opt the "Dark Brandon" laser eyed meme created by MAGA, because everybody wants a good profile pic.

As the old saying goes, "Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer." After all, what better way to get on your opponent's nerves than to nuzzle right up into their junk.