Fox's Brian Kilmeade caught on hot mic saying "dumbass" after Rep. Bacon votes for McCarthy (video)

Fox "News" host Brian Kilmeade demonstrated a high degree of journalistic integrity today when he called Rep. Don Bacon (NE) a "dumbass" for voting against Ohio Rep. Jim "Gym" Jordan. (See video below, posted by Ron Filipkowski.)

Kilmeade's angry, off-the-cuff comment was caught on a hot mic after Bacon voted for has-been Kevin McCarthy to reclaim the House speakership. (The ousted McCarthy, who wasn't even running, garnered 6 votes in total.)

In the end, it looks like there were a lot of "dumbasses" in the room — 20, to be exact — as Jordan, the Trump-picked candidate, failed miserably in getting the votes he needed to become House Speaker.