"No remorse"— Bullhorn Lady slammed with nearly 5 years behind bars

Rachel Powell (43), the Pennsylvania mother of eight dubbed "Bullhorn Lady," was sentenced on Tuesday to 4 years and 9 months in prison for her role in the Jan. 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol, reports Law & Crime. Powell was one of the first rioters to breach Capitol grounds. She was convicted on 9 charges related to the riot, including destruction of government property.

Powell became infamous after videos showed her excitedly shouting into a bullhorn to direct protesters toward the Capitol building, and her post-arrest online boasting and sense of aggrieved incredulity. Prosecutors said Powell showed no remorse and portrayed herself and other rioters as victims.

From Law & Crime:

In the government's sentencing memorandum, Powell was described as remorseless and "one of the first rioters to break through onto Capitol grounds near the Peace

Through her bullhorn, she encouraged others to enter the Capitol, and said "people should probably coordinate together if you're going to take the building."

The day after Jan. 6, she posted on social media "we have given you all a chance to help us settle this peacefully."

"We have been patient," she added. "The time is up."

In another Jan. 7 post, Powell wrote "IT WAS F—ING WAR TO GET IN. IF YOU WERE NOT HERE THEN STFU." In yet another post Powell said the idea that Trump supporters were let into the Capitol by cops on Jan. 6 was false.

"[W]e weren't f—king welcomed in you f—ing idiot," that post said. "You weren't even here so shut up and stop spouting facts like you know."

"[T]hey didn't open the gates," Powell clarified. "The people trampled them. It was war."

As a result of "egregious conduct" and remorselessness after Jan. 6, the government sought an upward departure for sentencing, pointing to numerous online posts in which she cast herself as a victim.