Tiny but mighty: this keyring charges, mounts & syncs your phone, now only $44

TL;DR: Support your mobile device with this charger, phone stand, and cable combo. The WonderCube Pro Keyring is on sale for just $43.99 (reg. $70) for a limited time.

We all rely on our smartphones and mobile devices more than ever. The clutter can become overwhelming when it comes to collecting all of the necessary charging cables, ports, syncing cords, phone stands, USB drives, and so on. You can consolidate your smartphone accessories with the WonderCube Pro, an all-in-one mobile keyring, for only $43.99 (reg. $70).

Designed to consolidate everything your smartphone needs into a small space, this one-by-three-inch box can perform a wide range of functions for your smartphone. It comes with universal connectivity that works with all Android and Apple devices.

The WonderCube Pro has a one-inch built-in and foldable cable extending up to three inches. It can connect to USB ports so your phone can charge properly. Meanwhile, its gold-plated connectors ensure the fastest charging possible when your device is plugged into a USB outlet with the Wondercube Pro.

The keyring also functions as a phone stand with micro-suction cups that make it easy to attach to your phone's back panel, making it an incredible accessory for video chats and watching videos (we know you're watching your fave TikTok cat dance) when you're traveling!

Plus, you'll be glad to find the WonderCube Pro boasts other helpful features. You can enjoy its OTG USB (OTG for Android only), easy syncing for speedy file transfers and backing up, the micro-SD card reader (supports up to 128GB), and so much more!

This versatile and high-powered keyring is a critical darling. It's received rave reviews and praise from a wide range of industry publications, including iPlastPhone, Trendhunter, Gearhungry, HighsNobiety, CoolMaterial, Forbes, and CNET, which described it as "A seriously versatile keychain accessory."

Simplify the upkeep and operations of your smart devices with this versatile, all-inclusive keyring. 

Get the WonderCube Pro All-In-One Mobile Keyring for just $43.99 for a limited time!

Prices subject to change.