Need a gift for a wine lover? This $60 deal for 15 bottles of wine makes the perfect present!

TL;DR: If you're stocking up on holiday booze or need a gift for a wine lover, an excellent place to start is this Swirl Wine deal that delivers wine to your doorstep! Choose from a mix of reds, a mix of whites, or a selection of mixed wines for only $59.97 (reg. $225) through October 23rd.

When it comes to your wine rack, prices have become too damn high. Suddenly, you've got ten bottles of Pinot (we prefer Sauvignon Blanc!), but you've had to sell your left arm for food. We also love a good glass of vino, but we'd rather not go broke drinking it, especially during the holiday season.

If you're a certified wine lover or need a tasty gift for a fellow vino fan, this deal might be up your alley. For a limited time, you can get 15 bottles delivered to your front door from Swirl Wine for only $59.97 (reg. $225)!

This deal from Swirl Wines offers a mix of reds, an offering of whites, or a selection of mixed wines (both reds, wines, and rosés!). No matter your preference, you'll score 15 amazing, highly curated wines for holiday parties, picture-perfect gatherings, romantic date nights, or just to enjoy at home waiting for the holly jolly to begin.

Food pairings are super easy with these wines. The red wine selection might especially pair well with delectable steak dinners, while the white wines may be best with creamy seafood dishes or appetizers. With 15 bottles to choose from, you can easily find the perfect vino for whatever meal or treat you're enjoying! No wonder one verified buyer raved, "Lovely variety of wines!"

It's important to note that this is a voucher you're purchasing, which will need to be redeemed on Swirl Wine's website to receive these bottles. Also, this order does not deliver in some states (see details on the site!), and shipping and taxes will vary depending on your location. And, of course, you must be 21 or older to purchase.

Treat yourself to a unique selection of vinos, or gift the wine lover in your life what may be the best gift yet!

Until October 23rd at 11:59pm Pacific, grab this Swirl Wine deal for just $59.97 with these options:

Prices subject to change.