Scratch-and-sniff wallpaper that smells like weed

From the far-out folks at Flavor Paper comes Cannabliss, a subtly psychedelic scratch-and-sniff wallpaper that smells like weed. They write:

We have nailed a very pleasant yet dank scent that is made from true flowering hemp terpenes to ensure we’re keeping it real. CBD for your eyes and ol factory. Dope.

As Alex writes at Weird Universe, "Most of the people who will buy this already have rooms that smell like marijuana." Read the rest

Blackout curtains perforated with nighttime scenes

HoleRole created some nice blackout curtains using an age-old design trick: perforating them with patterns, in this case cities at night. Choose from London, New York, or night sky. Read the rest

Vibrant wallpaper that's digitally printed on demand

Feathr produces digitally printed, on-demand wallpaper, and they even occasionally take submissions from interested artists through open calls and bespoke commissions. Read the rest

Lava Lamps are 50 years old!

The lava lamp turns 50 this year! The product's inventor, Edward Craven Walker, was inspired by a Christmas ornament containing oil and water. This month in 1963, he launched his company, now called Mathmos, named after the lava lake in Barbarella. Check out an early prototype below. Read the rest

Hyperreal photographs of interior decor decay

Dresden, Germany-based photographer Matthias Haker created an absolutely stunning photo series of abandoned buildings' lavish interiors in all their deteriorating hyperreal beauty. It's called Decay. You can purchase prints at Deviant Art. Read the rest

Excellent vintage German goods at BerlinerStrasse easy store

BerlinerStrasse sells fairly pricey but nice vintage home decor products from Berlin. I especially like the selection of classroom wall charts and posters.

Read the rest

Shiny orange floor

Holy crap that's a shiny floor.

Congoleum Read the rest