This has got to be the creepiest animated Halloween clown on the market

This is by far the scariest animated clown prop for Halloween that I've seen. The sign by it's feet says it's $199.00, but it's nearly impossible to read which store it is in, and the YouTube description doesn't clue us in. But I think this monster clown at Spirit is the same one, at the same price. Let the nightmares begin. Read the rest

Clown porn searches peaked up 213% this month

Pornhub reports that creepy clown surges spark creepy clown urges. As the creepy clown fad has spiked, so has interest in clown-related erotica. And it's popular with the ladies: "women are 33% more likely to search for clown porn than men." Read the rest

America's War on Creepy Clowns leads to 12 arrests in various states

“They just kept coming, and coming, and coming, across multiple states. Clowns in vans. Clowns in the woods. Clowns lurking in the shadows. Clowns chasing people or doing crimes.” Read the rest