Clarence Thomas borrowed $267,230 from rich friend to buy a luxury motorcoach, then stopped making payments

I don't know what's funnier — imagining Clarence and Jinny rolling down the highway in a quarter-million-dollar bus, merrily singing Wir Sind Das Heer Vom Hakenkreuz, or the fact that he welched on the loan to buy the blinged-out 40-foot camper van.

Rawstory reports that Senate investigators discovered Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas received a loan of $267,230 from healthcare tycoon Anthony Welters at an annual interest rate of 7.5%. The only loan payment from Thomas to Welters was a check for $20,042.23, equal to one year's interest. In other words, Thomas got a luxury Prevost Marathon motor coach for the price of a second-hand Buick.

According to the Senate memorandum released yesterday, Thomas did not report any forgiven debt income on his 2008 financial disclosures or clarify if he properly reported it as taxable income. Forgiveness of the principal, potentially the full $267,230, would be taxable income to Thomas. In a normal world, Thomas's non-repayment and potential tax implications would result in swift action against the deeply corrupt judge. But in MAGA land, this is simply more evidence of a deep state witch hunt against one of the finest Supreme Court Justices the country has ever known.