Donald Trump Jr warns MAGA cultists not to be fooled by RFK Jr — "Being anti-vax, I don't think that's enough!"

Once upon a time, there were two boys named Junior – Donny Junior and Bobby Junior. Both of them had fathers who were very famous. Donny's dad was the leader of a church called MAGA, known for telling exaggerated stories and cheating people he did business with. Bobby's father, on the other hand, was a much-loved politician from the 1960s who we unfortunately lost too soon.

Even though they came from different backgrounds, Donny and Bobby liked each other. They found common ground in Bobby's tall tales about a virus named Covid and vaccines, which were not true. Bobby also said unkind things about people from different backgrounds, and this made Donny and his MAGA friends happy.

Their admiration for each other grew even stronger when Bobby announced he would run for President, and he wanted to do it as a Democrat. Donny and his friends were over the moon, because they hoped Bobby would take votes away from the Democrats, a tribe of bad people who lived in crowded cities and shopped at Whole Foods Market. They invited Bobby to their TV shows to talk about his ideas, even though some of them were not nice or true. For example, Bobby made scary claims that Democrats were trying to harm people with vaccines.

But then, something surprising happened. Bobby changed his mind and decided to run for President as an Independent, not a Democrat. This made Donny and his MAGA friends upset. They were worried that Bobby running as an Independent would take votes away from Donny's father who already announced that he was going to make himself President in 2024.

Soon, people from the MAGA church started saying mean things about Bobby on their TV shows and social media. They didn't agree with some things Bobby believed in, like a woman's right to choose if she wants to have an abortion, and climate change. A famous TV personality named Sean Hannity even invited Bobby to his show just to tell him he was a bad person. He didn't want his elderly viewership to be tricked into voting for the handsome Bobby with the famous father they remembered fondly.

Just yesterday, Donny Junior stood in front of a crowd of MAGAs and told them that they weren't smart if they liked Bobby. He said, "Once you actually look at his voting record, you're like, no, he's just a liberal that is anti-vax. Being anti-vax, I don't think that's enough." But he didn't mention that Bobby also agreed with the MAGA belief that certain people are better than others because he didn't want MAGA people voting for Bobby.

Now, Bobby is no longer friends with the MAGA church or Donny. This unfortunate event could have been avoided if Bobby had heeded the only commandment in the MAGA bible: "Thou shalt not be disloyal to your Leader."