Elderly Italian woman evicts "parasite" sons, 40 and 42

A 75-year-old Italian woman won a court order to evict her "parasite" sons, aged 40 and 42, from her house in Pavia. Her male offspring did not contribute financially despite having jobs, she claimed, and failed to perform any domestic duties. Judge Simona Caterbi sided with her and ruled the two men "bamboccioni"—big babies. They have until Dec 18 to get out.

The men, who hired lawyers to fight the maternal eviction, according to the local newspaper La Provincia Pavese, argued that Italian parents are required by law to take care of their children as long as necessary. … She then ruled that "it no longer appears justifiable considering the two defendants are subjects over 40 and once a certain age has been exceeded, the child can no longer expect the parents to continue the maintenance obligation beyond limits that are no longer reasonable."

Another delightful word that English-speaking peoples should pick up: mammoni. At the place where aging mama's boys meet the death of their economic prospects, trouble brews at home. It's not just Italy, either.